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Ethiopian Christian King saves Muslim Captives

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According to Arabic sources, Aṣḥama ibn Abjar was Emperor or al-Najashi (Arabic: النجاشي al-Najāshī) of Aksum at the time of Muhammad, and gave refuge to several Muslims in the Kingdom of Aksum. The term “al-Najashi” has the variant al-Negashi; it corresponds to the ancient Aksumite title Negus, with the variant Negash. The name “Ashama” seems to correspond to the original Ge’ez name Ella-Seham, variant Sahama. This is an Aksumite king known from coinage. According to other authors, Ashama may have been the same person as king Armah, or his father or son. Taddesse Tamrat records that the inhabitants of Wiqro, where he is known as Ashamat al-Negashi claim his tomb is located in their village.
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